Rajasthan is the India state that is famous for its dessert, forts and palaces. Most of the people go there to visit the dessert and they forget about the rich culture and beautiful and warm people of this state. Thar dessert is the only dessert in India and most of the tourists come to experience. If you look past the dessert and the heritage buildings, Rajasthan has much more to offer. Keeping up with the diverse topography of India, this state also offers a lot of variety. You will get mountain, beautiful forts, temples and water bodies. Rajasthan travel guide has all the information about the places you should visit.

Rajasthan has a rich culture of its own. It may not be as refined as the traditional dance form, but the folk dance and song are more than enough to entertain you. Most of the palaces in this state have been converted to luxury hotels, but that cannot hinder you from appreciating the rich architecture and use of stones.

Jaipur, the capital of this state is famous as ‘the pink city’. All the structures of this city are done in pink marble stone and that has provided a nice and unique character to this city. There is the famous Dargah or tomb of famous Sufi saint Khawaja Mohinuddin Chisti. People from all over the country and from foreign countries come to visit this place. It is one of the must see places according to the Rajasthan travel guide. If you are interested in things other than travelling, then also Rajasthan has so much to offer.

Famous blue pottery of Jaipur, Rajasthani cuisine, colorful printed dresses, handcrafts of sandstone, limestone and marble stone and local shoes known as Niagara are some of the things that you can try. According to Rajasthan tourism, it has one of the best railway services in the world. The palace on wheels is the pride of the state. It is a special train that offers a tour of Rajasthan.

It is indeed an ethereal experience to watch the dessert under the scorching sun or during sunset from the comfort of an air conditioned train compartment. This train has many more things to offer. It has spa, bar, restaurant and all the comforts that you need during travelling. It is one of the most lavish train rides in the world. Indeed it is expensive, but every unique and superior quality things in the world is. If you opt for one of the Rajasthan tour packages, then you will not have this ride. You have to book for it separately beforehand.

Under any of the available Rajasthan tour packages, you will visit some of the famous forts and palaces, museums and some parts of the dessert. You will also get to visit the famous cities, but you will miss those places that make Rajasthan so unique and beautiful. You must visit Puskar. This place is famous for a fair organized every year to celebrate and worship the Hindu deity Lord Brahma. You will also miss Bharatpur bird sanctuary. So, get ready today, chalk a plan of your own and begin your quest to find the heart of Rajasthan.