Cambodia and Thailand are two important countries in Southeast Asia. These nations offer numerous touring opportunities to the visitors. The pristine waters, the sand beaches, the luxury resorts and the local seafood are enough to attract travelers to these places. Beach holidays are quite popular in these nations. Honeymoon couples also love to enjoy themselves at the beachside luxury resorts of Cambodia or Thailand. There are many tour agencies that offer beach vacations. Get the chance to listen the sound of the waves near you by booking your travel tickets with a reputed tour operator.

Get Lost In the Beauty of Thailand and Cambodia Beaches

With eye-catching sunrise and sunsets and the crystal clear water ideal for snorkeling and diving, everyone wonders how the beaches of Cambodia has remained as hidden gems for several years. Till today, the beaches of these nations are still less visited by the travelers and thus they hold the ethereal beauty to make you feel that you have reached a dream destination. On, contrary, the beaches of Thailand are quite famous among the travelers for centuries. The beaches of Thailand are considered as World’s best beaches. Let us have a look on important beaches of Thailand and Cambodia.

  • Koh Rong Beach In Cambodia: The Best Spot For Adventure

This beach is one of the best beaches in this country. It is ideal for sunbathing, collecting crabs and shells and most importantly, this beach is best for snorkeling. This place has recently seen development in terms of tourism. The atmosphere of this place is quite soothing and calm. The actual picture is really under the sea. The sea is full of marine flora and fauna. Here, the visitors can opt for adventures like diving and rafting. If you want to see something really awesome, then wait till sunset. You can see the luminescent planktons floating over the water. Travel to Thailand is incomplete without visiting this beach destination.

  • Patong Beach In Thailand: The Gorgeous Among All

This beach is located in Phuket. It is the most beautiful beach in this country. This beach destination is full of vacationers. The beach lovers always come to this place for several reasons like the wide sand beach all around, warm water, plenty of restaurants, bars and night clubs around the area. This place is full of hotels and luxury resorts that satisfy the requirements of the visitors. You can try paragliding, banana boat riding and jet skiing when you visit this place.


  • Koh Tonsay Beach In Cambodia: Escape Into The Paradise

This beach is not too far for the mainland, but once you put your steps on the white sands of the main beach, you will feel that you have reached to a location that is out of the world. The beach is lined with palm groves and thatched beach huts that serve the visitors with local beer varieties and seafood. It is one of the silent beaches of Cambodia.

  • Railey Beach In Thailand: Land Of Limestone Cliffs And Forests

This beach is surrounded by the huge number of limestone cliffs and lush green forests. It is one of the Thailand’s best beaches. It is located in the main province of Krabi, but it is only accessible by the boats. It is a desert island in the true sense. The sporty visitors will love this place due to the adventures they can do here. Rock climbing is quite famous in this island beach.

These are some of the best beaches of Thailand and Cambodia. Make your travel to Cambodia and Thailand memorable with exclusive beach holiday packages from reputed tour organizers.