Camping holidays are a great way to get away without having to spend a fortune, they can be used as a means of being able to see an area and to experience adventure and the outdoor life. Many kids especially love going camping, while the adventurous adults among us also enjoy spending a few nights under canvas and under the stars. The remoteness of camping also means that it offers the ideal antidote to hectic lives that are filled with computers, mobile phones, tablets, and other accessories that you will struggle to use for the whole time you are away.

Camping, therefore, is a great way to bring the family together while on holiday and to encourage better communication and closer relationships. Even if the idea meets with some resistance at first, you can always promise a few days of glamping, which is the more glamorous alternative to roughing it. This does require that you take more stuff, and you will typically need a bigger tent, but it can provide a great introduction to camping for those that are opposed to the idea initially.

You will need to take more stuff than you would for a hotel or villa holiday. Even if you are only going for a couple of nights, you will need to take one or more tents, sleeping bags, and enough clothes to last for the whole holiday in most cases. You should also take emergency clothes, because the British weather is unpredictable at the best of times, and a lovely summer day can turn into a wet and windy afternoon in a matter of minutes.

You will usually need something to cook on, something to cook with, and entertainment and games for the whole family so that you don’t get bored while you’re away. If you are taking kids, then having something to do inside the tent, and something to pass the time if it turns out to be nice weather is a good idea.

Consider the camp site that you plan to stay at, and ensure that there are things to do in the local area. There are campsites in the wilderness, as well as well as those that have swimming pools, bars, and arcades for guests to use. There are those that are located near major cities, those in very remote areas, and those that are only a short distance from the incredible UK coastline. An alternative to choosing a single campsite, of course, is to travel and spend a couple of nights in different sites. Considering how long it can take to pack up, unpack, and pitch the tent, it is usually best to avoid spending only one night at each destination.

Hiring a car means that you can pack everything you need into your vehicle, including all of the family members that are going to be travelling and holidaying with you. Ensure that the car you choose will be able to handle driving on the terrain at the campsite, however, and also that it will be comfortable for driving the journey there and back.

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