From expat-like place to affordable restaurant, everyone’s favourite brunch spots are according to their preference, taste, and also budget. However, enjoy brunch in the weekend somehow a little bit too special since it is the time to replenish your energy after spending all the time through the week. Therefore, in this article, you will get personal guide to choose which place is considering as the best weekend brunches in Jakarta according to everyone’s favourite. Well, the written place might not into your preference if you have never come to the place. Thus, make sure to visit the place, at least once, to understand why.

There is particular order about the following best weekend brunches in Jakarta, instead it is randomly arranged. The choice varied from high-end places to feel expat-like atmosphere, to affordable places you can feel like home.

  • Asia Restaurant the Ritz-Carlton Jakarta, Mega Kuningan

If you want to pick everything you can eat as brunch, it will be better to serve yourself in buffet restaurant. Of course, for premium selection, come to Asa Restaurant to taste the round the world buffet selection. Here, you can taste any local to International cuisine such as sirloin steak, squid, chicken, rib eye steak, salmon, sushi, dim sums, and crustacean. Also, do not forget to taste everyone’s favourite sauce, the Mongolian sauce.

  • Arts Café by Raffles Jakarta

Do you need a perfect combination of sights, aromas, textures, and sounds, gather all in one as perfect palette? You can explore more in Arts Café by Raffles Jakarta to fulfil your taste buds’ curiosity. You can serve yourself in buffet restaurant, in elegant and premium atmosphere, featuring delightful dishes. In the other hand, you can also enjoy the a la carte meals for Asia and Continental dish selection.

  • HarumManis

If you are craving for Indonesian local food for your brunch, the HarumManis would be perfectly fine to be chosen as best weekend brunches in Jakarta with family. In this place, you can order a bowl full of carbs dishes such as chicken congee, or vegetarian-like dishes such as Ketoprak Batavia. Other than that, in special occasion, HarumManis also held certain cultural activities to entertain the guests.

  • Antipodean

Here comes the unique restaurant where you are allowed to bring your lovely furry pet to this place, the Antipodean. You will be served with buzzing weekend atmosphere during the visit, and capable to order eggs benedict every time you want, all day.

  • Legend of Noodle

As its name, this restaurant offers simple and quick-served food selection with home-like decoration and ambiance. For a brunch, you can order spicy noodle mix with savoury hot broth and seafood, called as HeamulSujaebi. In the other hand, it is also easy to find any popular Korean dishes, such as JajangMyeon.

By then, know a lot of best weekend brunches in Jakarta will give you more advantages since you can consider, which place is the best to be your go-to choices. So, apart from the recommendation, do you have any selection according to your own preference?